The Stalling Tactic That Could Save Your Life

Whisky Alcoholic. Photo by Bryan Rosengrant

I once went to a church where a fiery Scotsman with a bald head and handlebar mustache would often share his misadventures with alcohol abuse.

Mind you, Bill hadn’t touched the stuff in twenty years, but he claimed he would always be an alcoholic. An alcoholic who didn’t drink anymore.

That last statement makes sense when you find out how he quit.

It began when Bill decided to delay his first drink of whisky until noon. When noon arrived, he sat down at the kitchen table, poured himself a double and stared at the glass.

No. He he wasn’t going to have it now. He would wait an hour. If in one hour he still wanted the drink, he could have it then.

The hour came and went. Bill was busy with errands around the house and hardly noticed. When supper time arrived, he washed down his meal with a glass of water. If he wanted whisky, he could have a glass in one more hour.

When that hour elapsed, Bill decided he could wait another hour. Sure, he wanted a drink. And he COULD have a drink (or two if he wanted), but in one hour.

When that hour came and went, he decided to go to bed. He could have a drink tomorrow.

The next day he continued the same stalling tactic. When time came to drink, he pushed himself to go one more hour.

Twenty years later and Bill still hasn’t had a drink. He kicked his coffee addiction the same way.

Addiction and Subtraction works much the same way. Each card is an alternative to the addiction. It’s a stalling tactic, but the game also replaces your destructive behavior with something better.

Try it. See how many cards you can play before giving in to the habit or addiction. If it was only three cards last time, can you extend your streak to four? Can you keep stalling until the craving is no longer there?

Addiction and Subtraction is available as a printable PDF for the introductory price of $5.00. The glossy playing cards from The Game Crafter are only $10.99.

It’s a deal you don’t want to stall on.


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