How To Persuade and Motivate Without Uttering a Word

Sailors. Photo by SheffieldStar

Based on a true story, this.

There were three sons, who, when they became of age, joined the U.S. Navy and served long careers.

Now, you might wonder who in their family had served in the Navy, to influence all three boys to choose the Navy and spend their professional lives in the service.

The father had hardly set foot in rowboat before. The mother was perplexed as well. There were so many possibilities available to her sons: employment, further education, another line of duty. Why the Navy?

No guidance councillor had ever made such a recommendation either.

So what was the source of this motivation and direction?

It was an oil painting in their den of a U.S. Navy torpedo boat in high waves.

Every aspect of the art, right down to the ocean spray, was in painstaking detail. The American flag was portrayed rippling proudly in the strong winds.

The oil painting – given as a wedding present when the father and mother were still childless newlyweds – had captured the imagination of these boys as they grew up.

The image planted an unspoken, inward desire to be on the open seas.

Hopefully, this story demonstrates how powerful and persuasive images can be, for good or bad. Be conscious of the hidden impact images around you have.

Better yet, be sure to display uplifting and inspiring pictures in your home and workplace. Pictures that will bring you closer to your goals.

They will supply a thousand unspoken words of motivation with every glance.

Inspired by Look at Your Walls. What Do You See? by Ed Maryon

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