Addiction and Subtraction

The Game That Breaks Bad Habits


I see numbers and amounts on some of the cards. What do they mean?

The numbers represents the amount of time you are to do the activity on the card, or the specific quantity you are to use. Everything required to play the game should already be on hand, since they are common items. If however you don’t have it, you are to get it to successfully complete the card.


What if I don’t want to do what it says on the card?

If for some reason you don’t want to do what is suggested on the card, simply choose the next card in the deck.


How long should it take me to finish the game and to break my bad habit, addiction or dispel negative thoughts?

How long it takes depends on you, how entrenched your behaviour is, and your environment. You may not need to play all the cards in order to succeed. Or, you may need to play through the deck many times.


Have you, the creator, any direct experience with addiction? If so, has Addiction and Subtraction helped you?

Yes, I have direct experience with addiction. I was a smoker for 10 years. I smoked for five years, quit for five years, then smoked again for five years before quitting for good at the age of 31.

This was, of course, before I invented the game Addiction and Subtraction.

I did use the game to break my addiction of Nicorette gum. I would chew 5-6 pieces of gum (at minimum) every single day, usually when doing client work on the computer. I found the infusion of nicotine into my blood stream calmed me down.

Unfortunately, using the gum over an extended period of time raised my blood pressure significantly.

The suggestions on each card gave me an actionable and healthy alternative to using the gum. My hope is that Addiction and Subtraction will free you from your unwanted addictions as well.

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