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The Game That Breaks Bad Habits


Technology So Good, It Takes Over Your Life

Ironic. The smartphone that used to enrich your life has now become your life. Your day is an endless sequence of updates, refreshes and replies. You’re nearly as automated in thought and action as the device.

Worse yet, you feel helpless to stop it. Like a suckling babe, you have become dependent on it. You know the latest news and trends, but do you know yourself anymore?

It’s probably worse than you think.

Your real life is better than the proxy you half-heartedly fake. Existance is more vivid and exhilarating when you fully commit to it. It’s the Law of the Harvest. You get what you put into it.

Here’s a simple test. If you can look at a tree for 20 straight minutes and not be fascinated by it’s radiant life and beauty, you’re practically dead.

Have you even looked at a tree lately? I mean honest to goodness be there in the moment with that tree, or was it an image of a tree in your mental cache?

Do you tune out anything that doesn’t ding, ring or vibrate for your attention?


Find out what it’s like to navigate through life without your technological taskmaster. Say no to the digital and yes to the analog. No to text messages and yes to texture.

Turn off your smartphone and give it to someone for safekeeping. Instruct them not to return the device for 30 days, no matter what.

Is life worth this “radical” experiment, this sacrifice?

Your next actions will be your answer.

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